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Chris Green

Co - Investigator

I am a Data Scientist at ASTRA. My passion lies within machine learning and artificial intelligence. With the vast amount of data available in space weather and its chaotic realm, there is a vast amount of opportunity to solve complex problems, by engineering machines that are mathematically appropriate for dynamic systems.

The application of machine learning algorithms to space weather further aligns with my focus in ML and engineering by directly applying advanced applications capable of streaming, forecasting and directly acting on changes given prior knowledge

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Joe Hughes

Co - Investigator

I’m a Research Science at ASTRA who splits his time between engaging spacecraft formation flight and tethered spacecraft dynamics and control problems and ionospheric science. The ionospheric science is focused on taking GPS scintillation measurements in challenging marine environments as well as better understanding the connections between space weather and the power grid. Specifically, how we can predict geomagnetically induced currents given magnetometer measurements in key locations.


Dr Jacob Bortnik

Co - Investigator

I am a Professor of Space Physics in the Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences at UCLA, investigating the fundamental plasma processes that occur in space.  My research typically involves numerical modeling, satellite data and ground-based observations, laboratory plasma experiments, and applications of machine learning, artificial intelligence and data science.


I earned my PhD in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University and I think the most exciting place to be now is in the intersection of the burgeoning space industry, and artificial intelligence.

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Dr Ryan McGranaghan

Principal Investigator

My passion lies in space, both from engineering and scientific perspectives. I believe that drastic progress in space capabilities and sciences will come from big thinking and research at the intersection of multiple disciplines. This passion drives my research at ASTRA LLC, where I am the Principal Data Scientist, curating a new Data Science Working Group and an arm of the company in Washington, DC.

In addition to my research, I'm endlessly fascinated by the way different disciplines, ideas, and minds interact and create. I explore this in myriad ways, but here is one project that is making my heart sing right now: A podcast that I host and produce, Origins

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Dr Chigomeyzo Ngwira

Co - Investigator

I am a Senior Research Scientist at ASTRA LLC. My research focuses on understanding the physical processes associated with space weather events and their influence on the technological we rely on.


Space weather is a diverse emerging field but my main interests including investigating the variability of ionospheric density structures that can disrupt radio signals such as those used by GPS satellites, and the influence of space weather on the surface magnetic field, which leads to production of geomagnetically induced current (GICs). GICs occur when a strong current flowing in the ionosphere suddenly changes intensity, ramping up or down by orders of magnitude over the course of minutes. This regularly happens during periods of intense space weather activity known as storms. The threat of GICs is a serious concern for the electrical power grid. 

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Venkataramani_ASTRA_headshot (1).jpg

Karthik Venkataramani

Co - Investigator

I'm a Research Scientist at ASTRA currently working on developing tools that help us understand the impact of space weather on GPS positioning errors, as well as applying ML based approaches to improving cognitive radio links for satellite communication.


I completed my MS and PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Virginia Tech, where I worked on developing upper atmospheric models and deploying instruments to study space weather at the ends of the Earth.

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Dr Morris Cohen

Co - Investigator

I’m a professor in electrical and engineering at Georgia Tech, interested in everything having to do with radio waves at low frequencies. This includes the connection to space weather since these waves play a significant role in nature’s system of “checks and balance” in space weather. It also connects to lightning which we can detect from all the way around the world, and also to emissions from the power grid at 60 Hz.


We maintain scientific recording sites all over the world with instruments we build ourselves, and then figure out lots of crazy ways to analyze and mine the data. I used to travel all over to set up these experiments, but now I mostly send my students. I instead scratch my itch to build things by constructing wood-fired pizza ovens.

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Dr Adam Kellerman

Co - Investigator

My research principles are aligned with the pursuit of the unknown. This involves not only fundamental space physics research, but also addressing the challenge of communication within a discipline, across disciplines, and between researchers, government, industry, and society. I aim to demonstrate the value of this duality, and to harness its power in my own work.


I specialize in studying how the Sun interacts with and drives changes in plasma in the near-Earth space - a phenomena known as space weather. I employ numerical modeling, data assimilation, super-computing, and machine learning tools to accelerate my workflow. I work to transition this research into a form that is most useful to those who need to mitigate the adverse effects caused by our stellar neighbor.


When my mind is not in space, my heart is in nature, where I spend as much time as possible hiking, camping, and exploring.



Dr Jackson McCormick

Co - Investigator

I’m a postdoctoral researcher at Georgia Tech in the LF Group studying how space can impact human lives and technologies, also known as space weather.


I enjoy working on challenging and multi-disciplinary problems, which allow me to deeply study and learn while broadening my knowledge and experience. Space weather is a growing field ripe with opportunities, especially in the big data age.

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