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Selected Publications

Kellerman, A., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). Geomagnetically Induced Currents at Middle Latitudes: 1. Quiet-time Variability, which has been submitted for possible publication in Space Weather.

Hughes, J., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). Revealing Novel Connections Between Space Weather and the Power Grid: Network Analysis of Ground-Based Magnetometer and Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GIC) Measurements.

Shimizu, C., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). Towards a Modular Ontology for Space Weather Research. arXiv:2009.12285

Che-Castaldo, J., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). Critical Risk Indicators (CRIs) for the electric power grid: A survey and discussion of interconnected effects. arXiv:2101.07771

Tigas, P., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). Global Earth Magnetic Field Modeling and Forecasting with Spherical Harmonics Decomposition. arXiv:2102.01447

Selected Presentations

McGranaghan, R., et al., (2021). "Quantifying risk in the complex space weather system: New progress through data science and the Open Knowledge Network” Committee on Space Research (COSPAR 2021 Assembly). Session C1.3: Conditions for Enhanced Risk in Ionospheric Weather. 


McGranaghan, R., et al., (2020). "IN028. Linking knowledge in the Earth and Space Sciences: Pioneers of a new paradigm” American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting 2020. Session convener. 


Shimizu, C., McGranaghan, R., et al., (2020). “Towards a Modular Ontology for Space Weather Research” 11th edition of the Workshop on Ontology Design and Patterns (WOP 2020) held in conjunction with Internagtional Semantic Web Conference 2020. 


More than 20 conference presentations and more than 10 sessions convened. Contact for full list. 

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